"No one can draw Ruby better than me," the hack declared proudly.

Changes still to come.

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

So as you can read about in the post below, the new site is up!

However I wrote that post in advance of the actual launch, and some unforeseen problems came up. There are still some features that need to be added to the site and most of the Muh Phoenix comics. We tried to get everything uploaded and ready on the test server…but we ran out of space.

Basically, we had to go live with an unfinished version to make the changes, so bear with me! There’s at least one new feature that I think will be pretty neat, and I’ll get to uploading the rest of the Muh Phoenix comics real soon.

Oh, and from now on all Hard-Mode comics will be done in the style of the Ruby drawing on this post.

(Just kidding, I just wanted to see how quickly I could draw him.)



  • @Hell(o) sorry, it’s a one-way switch

    @Dickbutt99 It definitely would, but I can’t bring myself to regress/stagnate like that.

    @DegenerateFest I don’t have a Patreon. I think I kind of missed the boat on that, if I were to make one now I doubt I’d get many patrons with my scheduling haha.

  • Holy shit nick responded to me
    Another question: Will you reupload your old posts (especially the nuzpet one) or are we forced to go to archive.org?

  • Q: Why are you taking down the streaming videos from your emerald nuzlocke?
    Do you just not want to have them anymore for some reason or are you reuploading?

  • @Hell(o) Yeah…I definitely didn’t think to save those. Gotta use the archive, I guess. My bad.

    @LemmeAxewAQuestion I’m not taking them down, that must be Twitch removing them automatically. I saved most of them so I can reupload a lot of it somewhere, but I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it. I was playing music in the background of some of the streams and Twitch deleted them for copyright reasons before I could save them, so it wouldn’t be a complete run…maybe I could edit it down into something shorter but I’m not much of a video editor.

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