Eyes of the Wild – My First Published Work

Monday, July 15th, 2019

Eleya had always been told that Agolu watched over her and the other Cliff People, and that she was blessed for being born with the winged god’s golden eyes. But when the clan is betrayed by their protector, Eleya must venture out to confront her god and discover the truth behind the clan’s history and her eyes.

Some of you might feel a slight sense of déjà vu reading this post, so let me assure you, you’re not crazy. If you remember me talking about getting this story published about a year ago, it’s because I did.

Eyes of the Wild was to be published as part of the now defunct PageHabit Publishing’s expansion into original works. Unfortunately almost immediately afterwards…the company ceased to exist, before any of the stories got any promotion or exposure. I was pretty bummed about it.

The good news is, I found a new home for my short story in the latest issue of MYTHIC, an e-magazine for fantasy and science fiction stories. For just $3.99 you can read my short story and several others in issue #10 here. Also, maybe consider supporting their Patreon. It’s a pretty cool project.

Anyway, a little bit about the story itself. Eyes of the Wild is my short fantasy story about monsters, mythology, and a young girl finding her place in the world. If any of that sounds like your jam, please check it out!

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