I return from my pilgrimage.

Many of you have requested that I post something on the site from time to time so that you know I'm not dead (which is reasonable, I guess,) so I thought it might be fun to update you on a semi-site-related stop during my recent trip to Japan. (Yes, I was in Japan for 10 days! First time in Asia, it was pretty cool beans.)

So yeah, I stopped by the Tokyo Pokemon Center....at least I think it's THE Tokyo Pokemon Center, maybe there's more than one?

I'm not really much of a merchandise guy but it was pretty cool. I did end up picking up an overpriced Magikarp wallet that'll make a good white elephant gift or something someday. (Sadly I didn't take any pics of it and I cant fucking find it right now, worthless fucking fish.)

Also they have way more characters in Pokken than we do.

It's kind of a pain in the ass to upload photos here because of the way the blog is coded, so I've uploaded the rest to an imgur album:


Obviously I went to a lot of other places in Japan, but most of it isn't really relevant to the site so much. This isn't really a personal blog, afterall.

Anyway, I'm gonna try to make little blog posts like this every once in a while to tide folks over until the next comic. (I've been meaning to do a "making of Hard-Mode" post for the last fe wyears but I keep putting it off.) I'm still getting back in the swing of things (and over jetlag) but I'm hoping to get cracking on the next comic soon...until then thanks for checking in as always!




Hoo boy. So this update comes with good news and bad news. Lets start with the good.

The Good News:

So remember how last update I said "Anyway, here's hoping the next one comes along a bit quicker."?..Well technically it did!

...not  by nearly as much as I would've hoped, however. I'm not going to spend too much time listing off excuses, but I will say that early on I realized my script for this episode wasn't working...in fact lets talk about this Episode.

It's not the first episode of Hard-Mode to not follow Ruby I guess, but it's the first one in a while. Originally the script more closely followed the grunt character, Katelyn, before I realized there wasn't really enough there to carry an entire episode. I ended up mashing it up with a planned future flashback episode, and I think in the end it worked, but it was a real mess to plot the constant flashing backwards, forwards and sideways with this. So that set me back a bit...the rest really comes down to my general poor work ethic as of late. I work full time when I'm not working on this, and in all honesty I'm so drained after coming home from work that I find it hard to work on things. It would be cool if I could find a way to do this kind of thing full time, but right now I just don't see it in the cards.

Anyway, Hard-Mode is no stranger to throwing a few twists into the game plot to spice things up, but I might've gone a little too far this time? I'm kind of curious to see the reaction, but part of me is afraid this is the episode the comic jumps the shark. Let me know what you guys think of the reveal.

I'm excited that now that this is done with I can begin Christmas shopping and maybe actually play Pokemon Sun or Moon...and then I'll be in Japan for a week after Christmas! Should be a relaxing time.

As usual I will try to get the next Episode out sooner, but I know better than to make promises. There actually aren't that many left, believe it or not. We're almost at the end.

Speaking of endings...lets get to the bad news: Space Cat.

The Bad News: 

This actually happened back in April, but I've been holding onto the news waiting for the "right moment"...which would've been a few days before this update, but then it took me so long...

Tate is retiring from art, at least for now. Some of you may have guessed by the lack of Space Cat updates. It's a bummer, especially because we were pretty close to the end of Space Cat. I'm not sure what's going to happen to the comic, part of me can't see it continue with anything but Tate's art...but on the other hand it would be such a shame to fall short so close before the ending. Maybe I'll look for another artist to finish it off, but I don't know for sure right now.

I'll let Tate explain in his own words:

Hey Space Fans,

So I have some mixed news. Due to some personal real life junk, Space Cat as we know it is going to be put on hold for an indeterminate amount of time. It's a huge decision for me, and one I don't take lightly. But where I am at this stage right now doesn't leave any of the free time it takes to create a web comic on any kind of regular basis.

Space Cat has been one of the most fun things I've worked on, and I loved every minute of it. It was one of my first real gigs, and for a while it was my only real means of professional work. I can never fully communicate just how meaningful Space Cat has been for me, nor how grateful I am to you for reading it and leaving supportive comments and helpful critique. It's always going to hold a special place in my heart, and I'm going to try my best to come back to it when I get more time if that's possible.

My retiring from art is completely unrelated to Nuzlocke or Space Cat. I've been let go (once sacked and once dropped to make room for other artists) from two jobs in a row, and after my second bout of unemployment I realized I might be fighting a losing battle trying to become this artist I always wanted to be but never really was in my heart. I don't want to get too sappy or personal, but long story short I've been trying to live out the artistic dreams of my dad despite not being very visually creative myself. Kinda like that kid who gets into football or whatever to live out his coach-dad's dreams. I enjoy drawing, but the spark of genius and the natural talent I've seen in co-workers and friends has just never been there for me.

At the moment I'm wrapping up my first semester back at school (this time for a degree that might be actually useful) and as I thought there has been zero time for anything fun. Work full time plus classes is pretty draining, and when I get home it's either homework or sleep time.

I hope you can understand, Space Fans. I really do wish that once I'm out of school I can get back together with Nuzlocke and get the ball rolling again. We need to get to the the climax of the story, and boy is it a doozy!

Til next time, 

I won't lie it was rough getting this news, at the peak of this site I was launching Space Cat and Speedrun, and now they're both gone. Kind of like losing my babies.

Of course you might be seeing a few new projects from me in the near future (I'm nothing if not a procrastinator) but they're not all necessarily comics. 

Stay tuned if you're still out there Nuzfans, and thanks to everyone who's still reading.


Merry Christmas! - White Hard-Mode: Episode 10


Ho ho ho! It's finally here! Episode 10 of White Hard-Mode.

Geeze, it's been ages hasn't it? Not even going to go back and count how long it was since the last episode (it would probably depress me too much.) This definitely took longer than I thought it would to finish, it's been sitting at roughly 75% done for a while now, but I just couldn't make myself sit down and finish it. Kinda lost some of that will power I guess.

This Episode's kinda on the shorter side, and it's not really very plot heavy. The content of this Episode was almost contained to an Episode 9.5 style sketch filler, until I remembered a certain set piece that I needed to touch on in the plot. I also thought it would be nice to come back with a kind of sillier episode since there's been so much plot in the story lately ("lately" maybe not being the right word...) For those of you disappointed by this, don't despair, the next Episode gets back to the intrigue.

I think this Episode is very comparable to FireRed: Hard-Mode Episode 15 (the Safari Zone episode.) Just a silly romp with weird supporting characters. But remember, in the end of Episode 15 Ruby's Charizard evolved, so don't be so sure there's nothing of significance waiting at the end of this one either...

I guess I should also possibly post some kind of trigger warning? I'm not sure if anyone who follows my stuff actually needs one of these (otherwise you'd likely have blocked my site some time ago) but there is a panel on this page that some might find disturbing, hopefully no one gets upset.

Anyway, here's hoping the next one comes along a bit quicker. Hope everyone enjoys the comic!

It's good to be back.

A Sirius Man (with a Sirius plan)


Further insight into the evil genius mind of Sirius, truly, this is a plan that makes sense and would work 100% in the real world. 

Unfortunately I've gotta cut this blog post short, got held really late at work today and I've got other engagements to get to (and on top of that my laptop is slugging along at record slowness.) 

Also, sadly Space Cat will be taking a short hiatus, but it will be back soon. I'll let Tate explain (and I'll try to get some actual content out on my end in the meantime to fill the space):

Hey everyone!

So a little bit of bad news. I recently got hired to help create an animated music video (think Gorrilaz style) for a certain big-name band I can't disclose. For the next couple of weeks, I really need to focus on this gig. Due to the tight deadlines, Space Cat will need to go on a small break.

I hope you'll find it in your heart to forgive me. I know your homes won't feel as full without Space Cat, Namdraft, and the lovable Curiosity visiting every week, but they will be back as soon as I get done with this job.

We'll be back soon!



Totally Legit


Time for your weekly dose of Astro Feline--slightly bigger page than usual edition!

Our heroes continue to to recoup from Sirius's schemes, lets hope they don't make any unwise decisions or oversights along the way...don't worry, I hear this Venus Alpha fellow is as loyal a soldier as they come, he'll watch their backs.

In other news I'm making some pretty good progress on Hard-Mode, so hopefully we'll be seeing that soon, though it's still too early to make any predicitons/promises. Episode 10 will come out...someday! 

Anyway, in the interest of keeping that promise, I'm gonna get back to working on it, instead of trying to think of more things to fill this blog post.