White Hard-Mode: Episode 11

Thursday, June 28th, 2018



Hey guys, so this is just a re-upload of Episode 11. Here’s some of the blogpost from last time:

It’s not the first episode of Hard-Mode to not follow Ruby I guess, but it’s the first one in a while. Originally the script more closely followed the grunt character, Katelyn, before I realized there wasn’t really enough there to carry an entire episode. I ended up mashing it up with a planned future flashback episode, and I think in the end it worked, but it was a real mess to plot the constant flashing backwards, forwards and sideways with this.

Anyway, Hard-Mode is no stranger to throwing a few twists into the game plot to spice things up, but I might’ve gone a little too far this time? I’m kind of curious to see the reaction, but part of me is afraid this is the episode the comic jumps the shark. Let me know what you guys think of the reveal.


  • I love the episode. very well done. Is the “READ EPISODE 12 HERE” link supposed to say read episode 11?

  • I’m a long time reader, and I thought this episode was really good. It definitely made me want to know what’s gonna happen next! Looking forward to the next chapter, when it’s ready.

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